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President | Sr. Loan Officer

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About JAMES (Diego)

President | Sr. Loan Officer

Pinto is originally from Boca Raton, Florida a city in the Palm Beach County district.
Today he runs a multi-state mortgage company. 

He was raised by a single mother. He’s majority of Italian and French descendant.
He speaks English and Portuguese. Since at a young age he learned quickly the value of the dollar and
work ethic. On many days he would help his mother with lots of physical labor jobs and helped taking
care of his newborn sister. He became very family oriented and understood how difficult life can be.
Until today he refers how his struggles built the strengths in his life. Often, he refers to remembering to
be waking up early mornings to deliver Newspaper & Yellow Pages with his mother and often would
arrive late to Elementary School as part of developing his work ethics.
He’s a non-denominational Christian and believes in Christian-Judea American moral values.
While growing up he was very involved with playing sports and was able to attend Middle Georgia
College on an athletic scholarship where he played college soccer.
After college he decided to return to Boca Raton and began to search for a career in the financial sector.
While working at a restaurant for 3 years he began to study the financial real estate market.
Always passionate for Entrepreneurship he began to study on his days off work, he would volunteer at a
local mortgage company to begin learning the basics of the mortgage industry.
He began to work and grew quickly in the mortgage industry. Lots of factors helped him succeed in the
finance sector. He mentions how working in the hospitality field influenced him to learn how to service
individuals. Until today he continues out-service his competitors sometimes working as much as 90
hours weekly. He’s worked in almost every position in the mortgage field and has offered several of
other Americans an opportunity in becoming a skilled mortgage professional. Today Pinto has spent
thousands of hours in improving the training and quality in his company. His experience as CEO and
President of his company has attracted several of mortgage professionals in Florida and Georgia to
partner in his company. The side of owning a multi-state level company has demanded him to make no
mistakes in his management. Operating a company that closes millions of dollars in mortgage loans
monthly, has taught how to operate in a fiscally conservative way. Calculating investment probabilities
became and continues to be a great talent by Mr. Pinto.

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President | Sr. Loan Officer
NMLS# 1214466

621 NW 53rd St, Suite 125
Boca Raton, FL 33487
State Licenses: FL, GA

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